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Competition Entry

MuuM Architects and Tekeli Sisa

**2nd Prize**

This project was an entry for the invitation-only competition commissioned by Teknopark Istanbul for the 2nd phase of the technopark research offices. The competition brief included a new masterplan for the Teknopark area, an administrative building, a series of research facilities, and a separate building for incubators.  The brief also included the design of a sports and recreation center for the employees. This competition entry was co-developed with Tekeli-Sisa Architecture. I was the lead architect on the project on MuuM Architects’ part and my duties included the planning, design and 3d building of the administrative building and the low-rise research facilities, as well as the sports and recreation center. Tekeli Sisa took on masterplan and landscape duties, and planning and 3d design of the incubator buildings. I created the 2d plans, 3d models and renders of all of the buildings, except for the incubator building.This proposal was awarded 2nd prize.

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